ITW Space Compressible Bag BRS-9212ZG Vacuum-Seal Travel Roll Bags, Set of 4

ITW Space Compressible Bag BRS-9212ZG Vacuum-Seal Travel Roll Bags, Set of 4We used to live in an older house with small closets, if the rooms had a closet, that is. I needed room to store coats and clothes that were out of season, and when we travel as a family we need to make efficient use of our limited space. Luckily, I found these compressible vacuum-seal bags to zip it all in.

Ideal for business travelers, road trippers, and families on vacation, this set of four vacuum-seal bags helps create up to twice as much storage space, whether in a suitcase or backpack or in a closet, ready and waiting for the next trip. To use, simply add the items to be stored and, starting at the zippered end, roll the air out through the one-way valve to “shrink” the items stored inside. The bags not only compress bulky items for more compact storage, but they also create an airtight and watertight seal for protection against dirt, moisture, mildew, bugs, and odors. In addition, the transparency of the bags can speed items through airport security checks, and their reusable design means space-saving convenience year after year. The set of four travel bags includes two carry-on-size bags, each measuring 13-1/2 by 19-1/2 inches, and two suitcase-size bags, each measuring 18 by 22-1/2 inches.

Product Description:
ITW Space Bags travel bags are made of the same durable material that our regular space bags are made of so you can use them over and over again. Because of the clear see through film, you can keep your cloths organized for speedy security checks at airports. Not only can you pack twice as much in your suitcase now, but as you use your travel bags they will keep dirty and damp cloths away from your clean clothes. To use, simply load your travel space bag and starting at the zippered end roll the air out for a tight sealed package. Then add all those items you would not have had room for in your suitcase!! Buy them online at

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