Safety 1st Detach and Go Healthcare Kit

Safety 1st Detach and Go Healthcare Kit, Orange/WhiteWhen we travel with our babies, we often need to clip a fingernail or clear a nostril, right? Ever been to a wedding with your newborn baby? Talk about high-maintenance! The detach and go healthcare kit contains all the essential healthcare items for keeping your baby healthy on the go. The bi-fold case detaches so you can take it everywhere.

* Clear tip nasal aspirator; a soft tip and gentle suction action makes removing excess mucus easy, the built-in grooves ensure proper finger placement and the clear tip lets you know the aspirator is working
* Steady grip nail clippers; the extra large handle and soft touch design ensures a comfortable grip while the curved cutting edges effectively trim your baby’s nails
* Easy fill medicine syringe; a curved, soft touch grips allows for comfortable finger positioning and easy dispensing
* Easy fill medicine spoon; the self-standing medicine spoon features a soft rounded edge that’s gentle on your child’s mouth and the attached plug helps prevent spills
* Plus, digital thermometer, baby scissors, tweezers, 10 emery boards, 10 disposable thermometer covers and a convenient travel case

Get your act together and get this little life-saver at!

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