Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle SwingAnd now for a moment of Zen.

The Zen Collection Cradle Swing from Fisher Price offers a variety of ways to comfort and soothe infants. And with its lovely, contemporary design, it’s designed to integrate nicely into your home’s interior. The swing is built for infants up to 25 pounds who cannot yet sit unassisted.

Swing provides versatile and comfortable options for soothing infants. Large footprint may be problematic for smaller living spaces, but ultimately the contemporary design, comfortable touches, and versatile functionality let you soothe your infant in style. The Zen Collection features soft fabrics in rich colors.

A Secure and Soothing Place for Your Infant
Yes, it’s lovely to hold and cradle an infant in your arms – but even the most dedicated parents need to put the baby down and take a break! This is why I love the idea of a baby swing; we’ve seen how they provide a comfortable, safe place for an infant, with soothing, rocking motions to help maintain a very important sense of security and calm. If you’re familiar with older models of baby swings — with their creaky mechanical noises and uncomfortable seats – you should know that the Zen Collection swing definitely takes baby swings to another level.

The swing’s seat is designed for infants who cannot yet sit unassisted. Its basket shape provides security and support for the youngest babies, and it can be adjusted to sit the baby up or recline down. A plush seat cover, padded head support, and built-in cover keep baby comfortable. The swing seat can be positioned to move back and forth or from side to side, and it has a speed-control dial to allow for a variety of graduated speed settings. The swing is powered by battery or can be plugged in with the included adapter. It moves in a smooth, quiet motion with minimal mechanical noise. While baby is swinging, he can listen to one of 14 different soothing sounds with adjustable volume, including Muzak-esque remixes of classical favorites and unobtrusive nature sounds, like chirping birds and babbling brooks.

Knowing parents will especially appreciate that the baby seat is removable and portable. So once baby falls asleep in the swing, you don’t have to disturb him by removing him from the seat. Just lift the seat out of the swing to carry him with you to different rooms in your home.

It’s So Lovely!
A baby swing is not small – it’s basically a piece of furniture. So I was delighted to find that the Zen Collection swing offers a contemporary and sophisticated palette that can complement your home’s décor without making your house look like one big nursery. You won’t find any frills or pastel colors here. Its contemporary pattern features sprays of leaves and dragonfly silhouettes in stylish tones of cream, chocolate brown, and moss green with ruby-red accents.

Its lovely textural touches include wood-finished handles, satin accents, and embroidered detailing on the cover, as well as on the mobile toys, which are cute and stylish. The toys include two plush dragonflies and a plush turtle, topped with matching umbrellas. It stands on a sturdy, dark brown, metal frame that’s heavy enough to provide good support and security. Not only is this swing good looking, it also makes a great choice for unisex decorating.

Easy Assembly, Sturdy Construction
The swing took us less than half an hour to assemble and required only a Phillips screwdriver. One minor problem: we had to re-thread the mobile so it could hang properly. The assembled swing has a 26-by-33-inch footprint and stands 47 inches tall with the mobile attached, so it takes up quite a bit of room. This is something to consider if you have limited living space. However, the base folds together easily, so you can lean it against a wall when it’s not in use.


  • 2 swinging motions – side to side cradle motion or front to back swinging motion
  • Open top design with swing-away mobile for easy access to baby
  • Removable infant seat provides flexibility
  • Mobile with 3 patterned characters taht move gently on their own to soothe baby
  • Deep seat with soft blanket wrap, recline and 3-point restraint
  • 6 speeds
  • 14 songs in classical and lullaby style to Zen-like orchestration and 2 sound effect tracks
  • Volume control
  • Legs for storage
  • Requires 3 “C” batteries – not included
  • Dimensions: 30″L x 36″W x 44″H
  • Maximum Weight: 25 lbs.

I couldn’t live without a baby swing. Put the kid down, let her have some fun, and get caught up on some of that housework! 🙂 Order yours today from

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