Do-It-Yourself Home Spa Pampering Ha Ha Ha

Okay girlfriends, let’s talk about us.  Let’s forget about the kids and soccer practice and neighbors and bills and what to cook for supper and the husband and the home remodelers who seem to forget that we are home while they are ripping apart our rooftops (hello!), and let’s take a minute (or thirty) to talk about treating ourselves right.  Let’s talk about pampering ourselves with, mmm, a home spa.  Yes, let’s.

Yesterday my stress levels were running pretty high, so when the night finally came around and the kids were asleep in their beds, I decided to go all out with a hot, relaxing bath complete with all the amenities I could think to include.  It had the wonderful effect of unwinding the stress and left me feeling pampered and relaxed.  Here’s what I did to turn my plain old bathroom tub into the luxurious Spa Lisa.  🙂

First, I made sure I had some privacy.  The kids were asleep in bed – not just in bed, but totally zonked, asleep – and I made sure my husband wouldn’t come interrupting me by letting him know I wanted to take an uninterrupted bath to relax.  He happily complied by taking a six-pack out to the garage.  Whatever.

Second, I brought in some soft, light music.  I have a mix CD of acoustic guitar instrumentals, Irish traditionals, seasonal piano pieces, and eclectic new-age mood sounds that I played in my portable radio.  It’s over an hour long, but I put it on auto-repeat anyway, just in case.

Next, I turned off all the lights and lit up seven candles of varying sizes and scents.  Why seven?  I don’t know, because it’s a magic number, and because that’s as many as I rounded up and placed before starting to feel a little freaky! 🙂

Then I gathered a basketful of bath products and beauty treatments to nourish my skin, relax my muscles, and make me (even more, ha ha) beautiful.  Lavender-scented bubble bath, exfoliating skin cream, and moisturizing bath oil all went into the water.  Hair conditioner, a purifying masque and a medium-textured loofah gave my body a once-over to clear away the old and reveal the new.

I relaxed in the tub for at least thirty wonderful minutes, until my fingers and toes were well-wrinkled and I felt myself starting to fall asleep.

After I got out of the tub I applied conditioning cream to my skin and polished my nails.  The nail polish was like the cherry on top of the icing on the cake, making me feel pretty and complete.  I thought about asking my husband for a massage, but figured he was well into that six-pack and judging by past experience my expectations for first-class service weren’t real high, so I opted to use the electric self-massager pad he gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  It was nice, and after about ten minutes I was totally relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to curl up with a warm soft blanket, a book and the TV remote (yes, I do both at the same time! :))

I definitely recommend a home spa treatment anytime your world has got you overflowing with stress.  I hope to do this at least once a month … mmm, let’s say once a week …  to help keep me feeling fresh, clean and pretty!

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Hello, my name is Lisa Simony, aka MomStar, a Grand Forks, North Dakota, blogger and mother of three! I suppose I'm just another mom, surfing the stars of family, health, money and travel (when we can get away with it!) ... oh, and food (mmm, food)! I also blog at my siteThe Mama Lisa,
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4 Responses to Do-It-Yourself Home Spa Pampering Ha Ha Ha

  1. Kitty says:

    OMG! This sounds soooooooo goooooooood! However, I never have to ask Todd to give me time to myself. His every night “M.O” is to grab a six pack (or more) and ignore me until he comes into bed all messed up. I’m usually asleep by that time, but that doesn’t stop him from waking me up for what he calls “Todd Time.” It’s too bad he doesn’t look like the guy from Scrubs. He used to, back when we got married, but not anymore. But then again, who of us does after years of marriage?

    • Lisa Simony says:

      Hahaha, LOL Kitty! That’s hilarious and disgusting at the same time! Uff, men! My husband once said after a haircut that he thinks he looks like Russel Crowe. Our whole family cracked up at that one and we haven’t let him live it down yet! LOL 🙂

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