Reflexology And The Living, Loving Woman

Reflexology And The Living, Loving WomanWell since this week I seem to be on a “treat yourself right” kick, I’ve decided to share another great resource I’ve found for self-rejuvenation.

This is a DVD you can watch at home that teaches you “reflexology”, an alternative medicine technique of applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand exercises, without the use of oil or lotion, to a system of zones and reflex areas that work on pressure points to produce effects of physical releif and change to the body.

With this DVD you can learn more relaxing, healing reflexology techniques from one of the world’s most popular reflexologists and best-selling authors, Ann Gillanders. Ann has chosen a beautiful Florida seaside garden as the setting to bring you more of the things that made her first video a best seller! In this all-new program Ann addresses health and lifestyle concerns for women of all ages, from the youngest baby to the oldest senior citizen.

Reflexology stimulates pressure points called “reflexes” in the feet to direct invigorating energy to specific places in the body – Ann calls it “Love Energy”. With her detailed demonstrations you can quickly learn to use Ann’s successful methods to treat many common disorders, and help maintain a high level of wellness.

Images superimposed on the screen beside Ann’s demonstrations make it even easier to locate the exact areas you want to give special attention to when you use these techniques, and you can begin right away without any prior training or experience.

Ann’s holistic approach also includes attention to diet, environmental elements, emotional factors, physical fitness and the balance and stimulation of the hormonal system. Reflexology is an easy, natural way to reduce stress, improve your health, and make a very positive connection with those you love.

This program has won both CINDY and Telly Awards for programming excellence. I am sometimes a little skeptical about alternative healing techniques, but this DVD has been fun and I do feel some kind of reinvigorated “Love Energy” after practicing some of these exercises! Sometimes after a long day I’ll apply the techniques to my hands and feet and it does feel good, kind of like a micro-massage.

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