A Woman’s Guide to Family Finances: Finding Real Money in an Unreal Economy

A Woman's Guide to Family Finances: Finding Real Money in an Unreal EconomyEllie Kay, a military wife and mother of seven, knows how to stretch a dollar.

In this chatty book for women, she highlights seven essentials to any family’s financial plan: an emergency fund, life insurance, a will, a retirement account, a good credit rating, a college fund if you have children and – one to which I can attest – an Internet connection. (This, she says, gives families access to online banking and bill-pay, the very best mortgage and insurance rates, among other things.)

After presenting various personality types (e.g., “Tightwad Tilly” and “Secure Samantha”) and discussing some of the emotional baggage (baggage? did somebody say baggage? 🙂Cole Haan Felicity Small Zip Shoulder, Black ha!) of money, Kay provides nuts-and-bolts information to help readers get out of debt, donate 10 percent to charity and still achieve their financial goals.  She has a conversational style and shares many personal stories, such as the time she was a winning contestant on “The Price is Right”!  (How cool is that?!  *** cue dream sequence  ~ “Lisa Simony, come on down …  you’re the next contestant … ” ***)

Tips on avoiding identity theft, buying a home, selling old unused items, surviving a job layoff and others are all covered in this down-to-Earth, no-nonsense, straight-shooting guide to home finance for today’s families.

Read it, then plan your trip to “The Price is Right”!

Available online at Amazon.com.

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