Every Day in a Bottle

Every once in a while my kids make such an emotional impression on me that I just wish I could bottle up their sweetness  as a lasting keepsake to always remember exactly how they are today.

Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table with my teenage son, reflecting on the day, which brought about one of those moments.  He has always been a great help with his younger sister and brother, playing with them, getting them dressed and hair brushed, getting them ready for school, and teaching them so many of life’s early lessons.  Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without him!

Anyway, he told me about how that morning he had gone up to his little brother’s room, who is two and half, to wake him up for the day and help him get ready for daycare.  He touched him gently and said in a soft, bright voice, “Time to wake up!  It’s morning time!”

He said the little guy sat up with closed, tired eyes, looked out the window to the still-dark dawn and said, “No it’s not, it’s still dark out, it’s night-night time,” and laid his head back down and fell right back to sleep.

Fond Memories, by Raimundo Madrazo (1841–1920), oil on canvas

Fond Memories, by Raimundo Madrazo (1841–1920), oil on canvas

To imagine that soft little guy say those words in his tired, soft voice, yet with the absolute certainty of authority, just melts my sappy, bleeding heart!  And then to have my teenage son talk candidly to me about it, relating how cute his brother was and how I should have seen him …  well, I am so thankful and grateful for the gift of life in moments like these.  Sometimes the inner satisfaction, the awe and inspiration and wonder and beauty of life, simply travels beyond words.

Cloning?  Yes, I’ll take it.  I want a copy of each of my children at the beginning and end of every day of their lives, to store on microfiche and a spare hard-drive, so I can go back in and retrieve them just how they are at any point in their amazing lives.

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  1. Lori Landa says:

    Agreed – what would we do without our children – they are definitely the pathway to our hearts! Watching them grow up and take on the behaviors & manners you as a parent are impressing upon them is a daily gift – even if it’s not so good sometimes. It makes you look within yourself and actually makes you as an adult a better person as well. God Bless our children!

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