Child-Friendly Therapy: Biopsychosocial Innovations for Children and Families

Child-Friendly Therapy: Biopsychosocial Innovations for Children and Families (Norton Professional Books)Sometimes I like to go a little psycho. Psychosocial behavioral theoretical, that is! :)

Admittedly, this book is probably more intended for students and professionals in the psychological medical field, but even a laymother can learn from its lessons. Besides, it’s fun to throw your brain beyond its comfortable everyday confines! It’s like an overseas vacation for the mind, or in this case, an exchange study!

Child-Friendly Therapy: Biopsychosocial Innovations for Children and Families offers a treasure trove of creative tools and strategies to engage children in therapy. Finding a therapy that “fits” kids – one that cuts through their continuous state of overstimulation and aversion to traditional language-based methods – is not easy. This book offers clinicians an array of inventive, multifaceted therapy techniques, from brain-based tips to family-oriented exercises. As for parents, the book offers insights on how they can help their children, and how to work with the doctors who are trained to handle the more in-depth techniques.


[A] book that should be read by every therapist who works with children. — Ellen F. Wachtel, author of Treating Troubled Children and their Families

[A] masterful integration of science and creativity rarely found in one single text. — Eliana Gil, Ph.D., Inova Kellar Center, Fairfax, VA

About the Author

Marcia B. Stern, PsyD, who died in 2009, was on the faculty at NYU School of Medicine and the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

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