Starting Out Safe and Sound: A Guide to Newborn Care and Safety

Here’s a nice, short instructional DVD on newborn baby care and safety tips for expecting families to help instill confidence and calm those we-brought-the-baby-home,-now-what? uncertainties.

In the hospital, the nurses make it all look so easy. But once you’re home, without professional support, you may feel overwhelmed, even a bit scared, by the prospect of caring for your new baby.

Starting Out Safe and Sound is designed to help calm your fears and give you the confidence to handle the responsibilities of parenthood in the first few months of life. Using clear, easy-to-follow demonstrations by real parents and featuring state-of-the-art graphics and animation, this award-winning program from a leader in medical educational media, Vida Health Communications, helps expectant and new parents learn the critical aspects of newborn care and safety.

Part One: Keeping Your Baby Healthy covers:
– Newborn physiological response to birth
– Health screens and procedures in the birth setting
– Newborn appearance
– Elimination patterns
– Diapering, dressing , umbilical cord care, sponge bathing, circumcision care
– Schedule of check-ups and immunizations
– Signs of illness and when to seek medical advice

Part Two: Keeping Your Baby Safe covers:
– Car seat safety practices
– Sleep position and SIDS prevention
– Correct head support
– Fire and burn precautions
– Numerous other safety measures for the first months of life.

Part Three: Making the Most of Your Last Trimester covers:
– Selecting a pediatric provider
– Reviewing health coverage

“Just what the doctor ordered! A terrific introduction to the newborn operating manual…” – Steven J. Parker, MD, Boston University School of Medicine, Chief of Developmental & Behavioral Medicine

About Vida Health Communications

Since 1985, Vida Health Communications, Inc. has been working to improve the health of women, children and families through the production and distribution of evidence-based educational media for clinical, patient and lay audiences. Working in partnership with federal health agencies, researchers and leading medical professional groups, Vida translates complex research into practical, media-based training. Vida’s programs involve research, clinical and field testing and content reviews by expert consultants. Media made by Vida is designed to engage the viewer while also positively affecting knowledge, attitudes and health behaviors. Vida’s experience as educator and media producer sets it apart from other developers of public health interventions. Their award-winning programs integrate the latest scientific knowledge and advances in healthcare with consistently innovative approaches to visual and interactive media.

“Vida’s commitment to the well-being of families and children permeates all of their programs. Vida is a rarity and leader in its field.” – T. Berry Brazelton, Md, Pediatrician, Author

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