Silverado Beads: Jewelry This Mother Could Love

Silverado Jewelry

Silverado Jewelry

My mother recently received an awesome gift that I totally want to buy for myself – a Silverado bead bracelet!  If you’re into beaded jewelry (and seriously who isn’t?) you’ve probably heard of Pandora and Trollbeads, and I’m told these Silverado beads and bracelets will fit those brands too, so I’m really excited to have these adorable new options to add to my collection.

I don’t have a lot, because the beads are a little on the spendy side, and of course it takes a number of beads to make a bracelet or necklace – but when it’s time to indulge, it’s simply time to indulge!  And, like I said, this is a whole new range of beads that I don’t have yet, so …   😛

The Silverado jewelry beads are nice quality, heavy, made of sterling silver and 14 carat gold, and others made of the legendary Italian Murano glass.  Some are set with precious stones, and many feature three-dimensional shapes of all kinds like angels, flowers, symbols, mini handbags, shoes …  all with life-like detail, that you can mix and match to create a bracelet or necklace that is unique and entirely your own.

Now it’s only a matter of where to begin?  I really love the color in some of the Murano glass beads.  I think I’ll mix a base of those with some silver and gold symbol beads, and a dangling charm or two.

*Sigh!*  Dreamy.  Husband, don’t read this.   😉   Or, if you love me, do.  My birthday is coming soon!

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  1. kitty says:

    PLEASE tell me where I can get these. I have an angel collection! Also, can you bedazzle the bead’s onto your clothes, do you know?

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