Stand Up To Bullying

I saw this post today over at the “NIE Rocks!” blog, and just feel that it’s too important not to “re-blog”.

Being bullied is painful, but it is important to remember that you are not alone! Follow this link to learn about what you can do to stand up to bullying.

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4 Responses to Stand Up To Bullying

  1. Loves Life Heathen says:

    Bullying in schools will never stop until the hiearchy system, grades and the corporate modeled social system in schools change. Grading kids, from A-F, causes bullying. It oppresses kids. The principal is the CEO of the school, the teachers are the bosses, and you have to address them as Mr, and Mrs. while the kids privacy is lost, and teachers do not have the respect for children back. Teachers call kids by their first names. Anytime you have an oppressed group, children in school, they will be worse to each other than the people oppressing them. The slaves did the same thing, they were worse with each other than they were with their masters, their oppressors. When you don’t have the power to rise up against your oppressors, you take it out on your peers. We call it bullying.
    I think psychologists have failed children by not pointing this out and saying school is unhealthy for children.

    • Complete and utter nonsense, Lovelifeheathen. You must really hate schools. Schools are not the problem unless it’s a church school or a homeschool. The real problem that causes bullying is religion. Kids are brainwashed with religion from birth. Religious parents and churches teach kids that homosexuality is a sin and people who are gays are to be hated. Actually, they teach kids to hate anyone who is different at all. Bullying won’t end until we end religion.

  2. Kari Lucin says:

    Grades didn’t ever have anything to do with bullying when I was bullied relentlessly for being a geek. Some of the girls who tormented me had grades as good as mine. And religion didn’t have much to do with it either.

    I think bullying is human nature. That doesn’t mean it’s okay, but it does mean it will crop up from time to time no matter what you do. Prevention efforts will greatly decrease the incidences, however, and positive adult interventions should be used to address it when it does show up.

    Bullying is a way to solidify a group’s identity, as I understand it. The group singles out one person to be the representative of everything that is “not us,” and dehumanizes that person to such an extent that they can treat them very badly indeed. Mindfulness that other people are, in fact, people, needs to be taught.

    The sad thing is that kids who are bullied feel so very alone, even though they’re really not.

  3. StormChaser says:

    I was bullied relentlessly when I was in school. It got so bad that I begged my mom to home school me from the middle of 8th grade on. I got Giardia the summer between 7th and 8th grade, and yeah, I was sick and all, but I dragged it out until my mom pulled me out just so I wouldn’t have to go back.

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