Classic 1950s Home Economics Films on DVD

Classic Home Economics Films DVD: 1950s Home Ec Social Sciences, Homemakers Household Money & Finance Management, & Family And Consumer Sciences History Pictures Film DVDHome economics may seem like a dated subject, but this most certainly is not true. After all, how do you think your mother was able to do such a better job than you?! 😆

Seriously though, although many of the depictions and insinuations of female homemakers of the past might be considered sexist, the principles of home economics are extremely valuable to our society and teach good living lessons to everyone, both men and women, no matter what era.

In this modern age, where families have so little time to care for their home life and living situation, the practices of 50s-era home economics need to be disseminated like never before!

This is a DVD compilation of three digitized 16mm films on the subject of home economics and making good decisions around the house.

Table Of Contents:

(1) The Home Economics Story (1951) – This film is all about the decision one family makes as to whether or not their daughter should attend college. In the end, they decide that their daughter will be preparing for a great future if she studies home economics! – 25 Minutes

(2) Buying Food (1950) – This is an interesting film with lessons that are more valuable today than they were back when the film was made. Learn to shop wisely for food in the grocery store and make economical selections. This film deals with every grocery issue from serving sizes to food quality to food budgeting to shelf shopping – 11 Minutes

(3) Why Study Home Economics? (1955) – Two college girls argue over the merits of enrolling in home economics courses. After a visit with the home economics professor, they learn that the “home ec” courses available to them are invaluable and they will be to apply what they learn in home economics class to a variety of subjects and learning experiences – 9 Minutes

Okay, so you can’t go wrong with this DVD, right? It’s educational, it’s funny, and it’s a history lesson all rolled into one! So go running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper (four should do just right) and order your copy of this DVD from!

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