Baby’s Nail Clippers

Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Steady Grip Nail ClippersDo you have a problem child? Scratching her widdle baby face with those widdle iddy bitty fingernails? You try to clip them and she just keeps erratically moving her hands, flailing those baby arms and kicking the clipper just when you have everything lined up just right!

I’ve tried a few different baby clippers, but I found that with my children it was easiest to use a large adult toenail clipper to get the job done. The clipper contour shape was obviously not made to fit baby’s little nails, but the larger size made it easier to catch those fast-moving fingers.

If I had known about these, I might have tried them. The Safety 1st Premium Hospital’s Choice steady grip nail clippers are specially designed with curved cutting edges to easily trim nails closely. The ergonomic design allows for ease of use and comfortable grip.

Whatever you do, just be careful! I cringe at the thought of nipping those dear little fingers!

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