Baby – Secret of the Lost Legend

Baby - Secret of the Lost LegendA favorite family movie of my older son’s, the younger kids have been watching this lately and like it very much as well.

Join a thrilling expedition deep in the forbidding jungle, where two modern scientists are on the trail of an amazing discovery!

While studying rare fossils, they uncover a living, breathing legend: an enormous pair of Brontosauruses and a hatchling baby dinosaur, alive in the heart of the rain forest!

To protect this rare find, they must escape a world of unseen and certain danger. Through a tribe of mystical native warriors and into the grasp of an evil scientist, it’s the ultimate battle to survive!

Screen favorite Sean Young (NO WAY OUT) and William Katt (THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO) ignite the screen in this entertaining adventure of gigantic proportions!

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