Holiday Gift Ideas: Monopoly

MonopolyEverybody remembers the game Monopoly – that’s why it’s still the most popular, most widely played, and best-selling board game in the world! Across generations and around the globe, what other game brings back so many memories of wheeling-and-dealing family fun? No other game has turned so many game playing moments into memories!

In 1934, in the midst of the Great Depression, an unemployed heating engineer from Pennsylvania created the game of Monopoly. Realizing that his get-rich theme might appeal to other Americans, he had the game printed and distributed in a Philadelphia department store. When he couldn’t keep up with the overwhelming requests for more sets, he arranged for Parker Brothers to take over the game. And the rest, as they say, is history!

But Monopoly is far from a quaint historical relic. To this day, it remains a riveting game of luck, chance, and savvy wheeling and dealing – all of which can make some lucky dog rich, rich, rich! Based on the purchase of Atlantic City real estate (a city currently renowned for its get-rich gambling opportunities), Monopoly is now printed in 26 languages with more than 200 million sets sold worldwide. Players still scoot the same beloved board pieces: the old shoe, the terrier, and the hot rod. This set also includes rules for a shortened version of the game and a new token, winner of Monopoly’s recent “design a token” contest.

Whether you’re discovering the fun for the first time or reliving the carefree days of youth, get out there and Buy! Sell! Mortgage! Build houses and hotels! And collect those rents! That’s what makes Monopoly the great American game – just ask Rich Uncle Pennybags! This is capitalism at its most fun and ruthless, a must-have edition in the family game closet.

For 2 to 8 players. Game includes: game board, 10 tokens, title deed cards, play money, chance cards, community chest cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels and two dice. Available at

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3 Responses to Holiday Gift Ideas: Monopoly

  1. jimlindlauf says:

    I have mixed memories about Monopoly. It was fun to play with my four sisters, but we always ended up mad at each other because someone wouldn’t trade what the other wanted!

    • Lisa Simony says:

      I hear ya, Jim! As kids we seldom finished a game — just when one of us would get close to having it cinched, some turn of fortune would come along to prolong the game another half an hour, which to our young attention spans was an eternity. Nowadays my husband and I will play with our older son, and one of us usually manages to come out on top rather handily.

      Actually just last night my young daughter had a friend over and they started to open the Monopoly box, but I intervened saying, “We’re not going to play that game right now, that’s a long game.” Haha, cute, but can you imagine! Barbies and Play-Doh instead! 🙂

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