Dryclean When You Care

Washing a load of my husband’s white dress shirts, I saw this phrase on an old paper-wrapped hanger. It answers some long-held questions for my often indefinite mind.

Firstly, when to dryclean. Dryclean when you care, dog. If it’s nice, but it’s dirty, and you don’t know how to clean it without just soaking it all up like everything else and tumbling it all to Le French Métro covered in suds and yankin’ on yer Tungie-strap, dryclean!

Too often I have let myself make the wrong decision on some garment I really wanted to maintain, some of them still hanging in my closet because it’s just too hard to let them go, as if they’re going to one day, after enough time has passed, just simply declutter and dewrangle and extend or draw themselves back into shape after being so poorly maimed by some misapplication of cleaning chemical in the raw or the burning iron.

But not anymore! From now on, I will dryclean when I care. I will dryclean when I don’t know what to do to remove the stain or dislodge the general dirt, and the prospect of losing the garment to my fumblings is more fearful than the well-possible cost of replacement. I will dryclean when it’s a silk tie. I will dryclean when it’s a wool coat. I will even dryclean my winter scarf and gloves. I will dryclean when I care.

Another lingering question I’ve long wondered about drycleaning is what precisely is done to get the fabric clean. I walk in to the place, am greeted at the counter, present my items, and the tenant will usually ask a few questions, inspect the items, tag them, and I’m turning away out the door. When I return a day or two later, there are my nice clean clothes all wrapped in shining plastic. But what is the magic wand they wave over these things to get them clean? I wondered.

Well, actually it’s a machine, sort of like your typical washer and dryer combined into one. Replace the water and detergent with a dry solvent, throw in a few filtration processes, and you’ve got your drycleaning machine, more or less. I was surprised to discover that the usual tumbling about in a cylindrical drum is still involved in the most everyday drycleaning shops; I truly did suspect some hand-held vacuum, just like a magic wand, would do the trick, but here I go showing my naivety don’t I!  😛

Well let me tell you, I learned all about it, more than I actually cared to know, although no offense taken because it is actually quite interesting and I suppose I needed to be taught, from this Wikipedia article.

And in my experience, the money costs of a drycleaning bill are relatively quite affordable, if you save it for the special wardrobe items; so, now we know, “dryclean when you care”!

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