Put Away That DDT

A recent letter to the editor in the Grand Forks Herald regarding environmental chemicals and their effects on our health really piqued my interest.  I happen to know several families in the region affected by cancer, as no doubt many of you do as well, and I agree with the author that it is high time we begin to seriously ask some difficult questions about our environment and our way of life here in the Red River Valley.

The original letter explains the scenario quite well (please do read it in its entirety, here):  we live at the top of a north-flowing river carrying Lord knows how many toxic chemicals, in a farming region among fields thick with the use of agricultural chemicals, and we literally bomb our neighborhoods with an insect-killing poison that, while touted as harmless by officials, leaves significant doubt in the minds of any critical observer.  At what point do we question the effects of this way of life?  Like the author of this letter to the editor, I believe the time is now.

Like the song “Big Yellow Taxi” says, “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.  Sadly, for many of us, it’s not only “the birds and the bees” that are being wiped out by our “DDT” — in fact, we might even be killing human beings, our neighbors, and our own friends and family.

What do you think?  Are we living in a toxic danger zone?  Why indeed have so many of our children developed cancer in recent years?  And what can we do to make a change?

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Hello, my name is Lisa Simony, aka MomStar, a Grand Forks, North Dakota, blogger and mother of three! I suppose I'm just another mom, surfing the stars of family, health, money and travel (when we can get away with it!) ... oh, and food (mmm, food)! I also blog at my siteThe Mama Lisa, www.themamalisa.com
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  1. Roger Dulowitz says:

    Momstar, While I do not entirely disagree, starvation for the masses, malaria, west nile, typhoid, etc. which most of us have never seen, is not the solution, but reality if what you are promoting is the accepted norm.

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